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17 reviews for Linear Shower Drain | Stainless Steel Bathroom Floor Drain

  1. 4-5 Star Review 1

    Neil A.

    Its works well to say the truth does give u that yak feeling when pulling all hair out but it does the job and… needed some to for that becouse my old one was about 2 fall apart this was perfect replacement

  2. 4-5 Star Review 1

    David Welsch

    This does exactly what it say it does. Comes with different fittings and has worked a great in my shower. Also makes the shower look better.

  3. 4-5 Star Review 1

    Amanda Bruce

    This little contraption is great it works too. catches all the long hair as it goes down the plug hole, and i even cleaned mine and re used it. happy days.

  4. 4-5 Star Review 1

    Lyle Miller

    Works as advertised, nice quality, the chrome layer is even and should wear well. Catches the hair and is easy to clean.

  5. 4-5 Star Review 1

    Kev Mcintosh

    Fits snuggly and seems to do the job well

  6. 4-5 Star Review 1


    After I recently had to get the sanitary service because of a clogged bath drain, I was looking for a way not to let the hair get into the drain. Afterwards I bought a simple removable plastic strainer, which I was absolutely not satisfied with, because the hair still comb through or the sieve just swam away.
    Then I got this one and I’m thrilled.
    It filters out all the hair and lint and looks even better.
    Since it is made of metal, it is also easy to clean.
    Thanks to the many included rubber rings, it is also suitable for different drain diameters.

  7. 4-5 Star Review 1

    Mike Hanefy

    I have already ordered various screens for my xxl discharge of the shower and none was as reliable as this product. Looks inconspicuous, can be super cleaned (I always do it right after the shower) and it really gets stuck in everything you want to keep away from the drain (e.g. my brown, long hair) clear buying recommendation

  8. 4-5 Star Review 1

    Dorie Simmons

    Works wonderfully and looks much better than normal metal or plastic screens

  9. 4-5 Star Review 1

    Mitchell A.

    The drain strainer works very well. It looks high quality and works as expected. The material makes a solid and durable impression. I’d buy it again, but I guess that part won’t break.

  10. 4-5 Star Review 1

    Ivan D.

    Very good workmanship. Fits great in all standard drains.

  11. 4-5 Star Review 1

    Robert Heartfieldt

    My family’s shower is often blocked by hair. I chose this filter with my friend’s recommendation. This filter is good for blocking hair.
    Its diameter is suitable for the size of the shower.

  12. 4-5 Star Review 1

    Sam Johnson

    It does the job, and looks nicely.
    Easy to adjust the size and fix in place.

  13. 4-5 Star Review 1

    William J.

    Good quality, so far.
    So far only decent quality item to arrive in sane order, hopefully it will live up to expectations. Hopefully spare rubber seals available later on.

  14. 4-5 Star Review 1

    D.C. Walsh

     This is Stainless steel and does what I need it to do.
    I bought this product because I wanted a proper stainless steel material but initially went the route of a well known auction site with an advertised stainless foreign product that looked identical but turn out to be a cheap plastic clone. This is the real deal nicely engineered and is doing what I need it to do perfectly.

  15. 4-5 Star Review 1

    A. Brookshire

    I purchased this for my bathroom sink. The drain cover had been broken (part of sink plug mechanism) and couldn’t find a replacement. I wanted to cover the sink drain hole with something that looks nice and catch hair, etc. This product fits perfectly and does the job well. (no more blocked pipe!) And I don’t have to look at the ugly hole every time I use the sink. Thank you very much!

  16. 4-5 Star Review 1

    Tom R.

    Perfect for our shower, catches all the hair. I clean out the trapped hair every other day and it works perfectly. No more blocked pipes!

  17. 4-5 Star Review 1

    Hermoine L.

    Really happy with the produce several different size washers for various plug sizes makes fitting really easy. Also looks good.

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